Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Workshop Series 2013

I have helped many artists develop their written image and I can help you. If you want to an affordable and fun solution, sign up for my workshops, you’ll learn a lot in small group and get on your way to having the documents you want and the confidence to share
them with anyone.  If you’d rather, we can do a private consultation, and I’ll write for you. In addition to artist’s documents, I prepare news articles, art reviews, and press releases at 


June 2013 Workshop~~ Monday, June 17th  9:30 am-12:30 pm

“Essential Documents  For Artists I”  

Begin producing a stellar package of “The Big Three” written documents: Artist Statement; Artist Bio; and “About Me.” Learn correct format for these distinctly different items, and gain insight into the ideas you’d like to express about yourself and your art. Learn how to use language which is compelling, rich, and motivating.
This is a hands-on workshop, interactive and collaborative, with focusing worksheets to help you brainstorm and organize. We will review and do positive critiques of a sample of each participant’s art to generate language which connects a viewer’s responses with the artist’s goals.  Bring any current Artist Statement, Resume, “About Me” (if any) as well as a sample or two or your work.
Fee: $45

Pioneer Community Center,
615 Fifth Street, Classroom #2

 Oregon City, Oregon  97045


July 2013 Workshop~~ Friday, July 19th  9:30 am-12:30 pm

“Essential Documents For Artists II”

A follow up to the June Workshop, this session brings the process to near if not full completion as participants refine their documents in collaboration with the instructor and other participants. The goal is for each artist to pull together a coherent package of documents which relate to each other and reveal in a deep, meaningful, engaging way who the artist is and in what direction their art is moving.  The finished products will be professional, appropriate, and presentable to galleries, art organizations, and businesses that display art. Begin to learn how these documents can be “the meat” for press releases and news articles. Artists should bring worksheets, journals, and writing from and since last workshop.

Fee: $45

Pioneer Community Center,
615 Fifth Street, Classroom #2
 Oregon City, Oregon  97045


Professional Development Workshops with
Angela Wrahtz of
Got audience? Get publicity.

Angela is an award-winning artist, with professional background in marketing and publishing. She is passionate about helping artists to promote themselves through all forms of media.

Angela ghostwrites for artists and seeks publicity opportunities for them in local media. She volunteers as a publicist for OSA and WOW and serves as Gallerist and Art Show Coordinator for the City of Tualatin and the Living Room Gallery in the Tualatin Public Library. She offers workshops at art centers in and around Oregon.

Contact Information:

Angela Wrahtz
(503) 692-5123

P.O. Box 971, Tualatin OR   97062



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